What motivates you?

Experts say that motivation comes from one or two sources either our desire to achieve a goal or our desire to avoid pain. Well, guess what VITOs are no different. Have you ever left VITO voicemail message after voicemail message pitching the benefits of what you’ve got to offer with no return call?

Try this! After you leave one or two messages elaborating on all the wonderful and positive benefits that await. Try pitching what I call consequence selling. Let VITO know what’s happening as a direct result of not taking action.

Miss Importanta, By not returning my call it could be costing your operation xx amount of unintentional waste.

You can continue letting VITO know each week what’s being lost as a direct result of not embracing your solution.

Miss Importanta, this week the unintentional waste has cost you up to xx.

Hey, it won’t take long for VITO to return your call or have someone else on his or her team return the call. Make sure that you use the word personally that will get you to the real motivation behind VITO‘s behavior.

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