Don’t ever ask a VITO this ridiculous question:

Who besides yourself will be making this decision?

Take that one and totally eliminate it from your open-ended question repertoire!

VITO is the ultimate approver of just about every decision that’s being made. Instead, try this:

VITO who on your team would you like for me to do this conversation with between now and the end of this business day?

That will get you to an entirely different answer and take your sale in a direction that will put you directly in touch with a decision-maker of the sale. Keep in mind that the decision-makers job is to say yes. They must say ‘yes’ to someone and you want it to be you. When VITO gives you the name of that person, you should immediately come back with:

VITO, if your CFO Ima Tightwad really likes what she sees can you think of any reason that you would not become one of our customers between now and the end of this month?

That noise you hear in the background is the cash register bringing up the sale and your commission check!

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