Avoid this deadly sin!

Salespeople talk too much. Listen twice as much as you talk. That’s why you’ve got two ears and only one mouth.

The reason I’m saying that salespeople talk too much is that talking is trite. Parrots can talk, infants can talk…salespeople on the other hand must learn to speak. The major difference between talking and speaking is purpose.

Whenever you’re with a VITO, I invite you to speak with VITO‘s purpose in mind. Which means, you’ll forget all about your selfish interests like you need to make the sale or you happen to be a product expert or you happen to think that VITO needs whatever it is you’re selling.

Get Over It

Instead, put yourself second and speak these words:

Ms. Importanta, What critical business factors are important between now and the end of this month?


Mr. Benefito, What area are you in search of the greatest improvement within your operations between now and the end of this quarter?

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