It doesn’t make much of a difference if you’re sending a written correspondence, talking to VITO on the phone, in person or leaving a voicemail message you’ve got just 8 short seconds to get your point across.

The best way to accomplish this is to center your topic on one or more areas that you have a proven track record of accomplishing or an area or two that you suspect you can accomplish. I did say suspect keep in mind that the VITOs of the world have built their empire on forecast assumptions and yep, even a gut feeling. Of course, if your ideas are not proven say so:

Mr. Benefito, would you like to be the first CEO in your industry to have an idea that we suspect could increase traffic to your website while at the same time increasing the sales of your store in just two months?

You’ll find out most VITOs have an early adopter mentality and are looking for the real competitive edge which means they’ll lean into this type of offer which is just what you want them to do!

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