Hold on I’ll put you through to VITO’s voicemail…

Getting ready to call VITO? Concerned about getting dumped into voicemail jail? No sweat! Your first voicemail message to VITO could be your opening statement with what I choose to call bookends. It could sound something like this:

Ms. Importanta, If you were in your office to take my call this is what you would’ve heard…

Now jump right into your opening statement & when you’re done with your ending question you could say:

Wait you can’t answer that but you could if you care to call me back anytime between the hours of 3:00 -5:00 PM today right here at 800-777-8486. Thanks for listening and make the rest of today a masterpiece!

If you don’t get a call back don’t get too disappointed VITOs are busy people. Call back and leave another voicemail message one week later on the same day of the week at the same time.

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