What do you and VITO have in common? You’ve heard me say time and time again that 85% of VITOs in America were once salespeople just like you and me. They made cold calls and gave presentations. I had the good fortune of interviewing over 120 VITOs when I was writing my Wall Street Journal best-selling book ‘Think and Sell like a CEO’.

I found out one particular behavior that indeed separates them from us. They have the discipline to follow a process. If there’s an area that they wanna a successful outcome in. They make sure there’s a process in place to accomplish it.

How about you?

For example, before you end your first interaction with VITO make sure you offer your standard terms and conditions. It might sound something like this: Ms Importanta, Here’s our standard Ts & Cs. I invite you to highlight any area that’s of concern so we can address them now rather than later. This way when you’re ready to become one of our customers nothing will slow us down from delivering you the full value of our business relationship.

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