You know how I knew? Because years ago, while I was a young(er) salesperson working for Hewlett-Packard, I used to start my sales cycle in Linoleumville—just like a ton of salespeople do right now. I spent most of my day (heck, months!) talking to the “Seemores,” who dragged out my sales cycle, put off decisions, and restricted my access to others in the organization. Sound like anyone you know?

Seeemores defined: Seemore wants to see more presentations, more analysis, more data. Seemore wants more site visits, more demos, and more freebies. Seemore wants more boxes of donuts with the little sprinkly things on top more presentations, more analysis, more data.

Because I was full of ambition and energy and competitive spirit, I made that sales process work—for a while. I was named Hewlett-Packard’s Rookie of the Year in my division. Then, after several years of being at the top, I got complacent. I stopped prospecting; I started coasting. And I woke up one morning to find myself miles and miles and miles behind quota, staring at a memo from my boss informing me that I was officially on probation. I had just six months to turn things around—or lose my job.

Well, I didn’t want to lose my job, so I started thinking: What the heck can I possibly do to hit quota within the next six months? A little voice inside told me that if I kept wasting my time in Linoleum-ville, I didn’t stand a chance.

I listened to that little voice, and thank God I did because once I started listening, I started calling at the top of the organization. It was at this fateful point in my career that I started Selling to VITO.

You can probably guess the end of the story. I hit my yearly quota, much to the astonishment of my manager. And I started the next year with a new perspective. Now that I had figured out a way to close bigger deals, quicker, what was I going to do—go back to calling the “Seemores” of the world? No way!