Looking for a sure-fire way to get your emails open and read? Forget the catchy topics in your subject line and don’t put your product names and numbers and forget the long list of nonsensical acronyms that no one outside your organization knows or cares about.

Take all that stuff put it in your recycle bin and hit empty.

Here’s a better idea, in your subject line put the exact day, date, and time you are going to call your prospect. For example; your subject line could read RE: our call on Friday, May 14 at 9 AM hey here it is again our call on Friday, May 14 at 9 AM that’s sure to get VITO’s attention and almost guarantee that they’ll open up your email.

Of course, if you wanna up your chances of getting your email open you could take the time and leave a voicemail message the day prior to sending your email.

Mr. Benefito, Tomorrow your email will contain a short message the topic is our conversation on Friday, May 14 at 9 AM. I invite you to read it!

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